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Watch Sam Seder Stomp Silly Libertarian! (VIDEO)

I don’t want to ruin this video by explaining too much about it–you just have to hear how deranged and delusional this libertarian caller is for yourself.  These people truly live in some sort of fantasy land!


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Atlas Left and our accompanying Facebook page, Ayn Rand Collected Social Security, aim to expose Ayn Rand for the hypocrite and fraud she was. Rand was a dangerous sociopath and author whose simplistic ideas are routinely confused with serious philosophy. Who is John Galt? A delusional psychopath, just like his creator.


  1. This guy sounds drunk or high.

  2. WOW…this poor dude is absolutely clueless. Libertarians are completely out of touch with reality. They used to be very different and more sane. Now it is filled with those who don’t read books. EVER.

    • Barter does predate currency, but the problem between these two debaters is a lack of language two describe much of their argumentation. Sam is trying to emphasize that there was no “market” in the macroeconomic sense; in other words, there has never been an organized system of barter run by social groups. Instead, what history and anthropology show us is that bartering occured ad hoc between individuals with no order, no system…with only their mutual survival and sustainability in mind. This is an important distinction, because the argument the libertarian fellow is trying to make is that barter predates currency and actually represents his/their notions of a “free market”. But since there was a lack of systemic organization to the system of barter present in colonial or precolonial America, you only have microeconomic examples of barter used between disparate social groups. It may sound like nit-picking, but this is what is missing from Sam’s verbiage that might have made his point more clear to the average folks out there. Again, it’s the specific lack of broader, or macroeconomic organization of the old barter system that makes it such a bad comparison to a “market system”. Markets are indeed created, stimulated, constrained, and controlled by state powers. This has always been true since the invention of currency.

  3. I honestly feel bad for this guy. I hope his stupidity is not contagious

  4. Wow, this guy is once again showing what a limited understanding of history he, and other libertarians, have. Lost in the now, lost in their own sense of selfishness, they lack a realization of just why libertarianism is a fantasy.

  5. Let this guy get stuck in a disaster, and see how fast he yells for government assistance.

    How about he exercise his freedom and not work for a living?

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