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There’s a ‘Rapist List’ Flyer Being Handed Out at Columbia University

An anonymous group of Columbia University students got tired of their school’s seemingly ambiguous attitude towards sexual assault allegations and took matters into their own hands. They’re scribbling so-called “rapist lists” on the walls of women’s room stalls.

Rapists on campus list at Columbia U. on bathroom wall.
The names of the same four men appeared in each instance. They are all current undergraduate students at the university, and include a musician, a prominent writer for a school publication and a varsity athlete.

This is possibly in response to the school’s lack thereof in such matters. Last month, a group of 23 students filed a lawsuit against Columbia, alleging that the school had violated both Title IX and the Clery Act by failing both to notify its students of sexual assault and to protect its students from perpetrators. According to the complaint, students were discouraged from reporting rapes, and when they did, the perpetrators were given light slaps on the wrist and allowed to remain on campus.

Well, now the university is paying attention. It had maintenance workers scrub down the walls to remove all traces of that offensive graffiti. According to the school’s conduct code, vandalism can result in serious disciplinary action.

List of rapists on campus being passed around at Columbia University.

Now, stacks of flyers have been deposited in the restroom stalls. They list the same four names and a message.

To the Columbia community: Stay safe, protect and support each other, and always always always make sure to have sober, enthusiastic, continuous consent.”

Bathroom communications of this sort are not new. In 1990, a list that grew to more than 30 names appeared on Brown University’s campus, inspiring an in-depth article by the New York Times about the ever-growing problem of sexual assault on campus.

That article is now older than most of the undergraduates now affected by the same issues.

h/t Columbia Lion.

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Marie Maginity
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  1. I love this idea. We should encourage more of it. Put every rapist on a list.

    • though one must be careful or risk a chance of false accusations. I have seen articles of women that accused a man of rape when in fact it as false and wanted to get even or some other foolishness.

      and then there are times some could be identified incorrectly even if DNA test proves they had nothing to do with it(I am sure one can google it and will find many stories like it) and still be put on such a list.

      I am by no means trying to give those four men a pass as I am sure that they actually did it but remember its a double edge sword as it could ruin those whom had nothing to do with such actions.

  2. women’s’ ? WTF? “Women” is the plural form of woman. “women’s” is the plural possessive. The extra apostrophe is moronic.

    And if handouts and graffiti are the way to raise awareness of the irresponsibility of the males on campus, Power To The Sisters!

  3. Sure. Let’s bypass the legal system and just endorse lynch mobs.

    Of course, they get to remain anonymous. Wasn’t there a certain men’s lacrosse team that got slandered in this very way just a few years back?

    • Obviously the named men can always go to court to prove they are being slandered and demand damages if it’s not true…although, I don’t think any will do that, do you?

      • Sure, and they can always try to get blood out of a turnip. But I don’t think they’d be successful in that, do you? Nor that they’d be able to restore their damaged reputations.

        I don’t think the Duke lacrosse club was very satisfied with the outcome of things after they were slandered by a stripper who later murdered her boyfriend. And from whom they obtained no damages or apology.

      • Who would they sue? The women are remaining anonymous. If someone wants to take responsibility for the flyers then I’d expect her to get sued for slander.

  4. Why are they going to the school? Isn’t that what police are for?

    • That’s what I want to know. For reals. Why aren’t these people going to the POLICE??? What do they really expect the school to do? I do NOT understand this.

    • The police aren’t all that helpful either.

    • Most universities (especially private, non-state colleges) have their own police set up to deal with security and legal problems on campus. They work with local law enforcement, but students are essentially forced to go through campus police first.

      Source: I go to a school with a similar campus/local police set up.

  5. Why are the names of these rapists obscured?

    • Possibly because they haven’t been convicted or charged with anything and ruining others’ reputations via (possibly credible) unfounded accusations might be considered libel.

  6. I think there’s an obvious solution here that is being willfully ignored by universities across the country, and when they stand up and finally address the controversial problem of women attending college, finally, we’ll be able to put all of this behind us.

  7. reminds me how facebook started. “rapebook” comes to mind.

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