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Gun Nut America: ‘Sovereign Man’ Loses Driver’s License, Carries Assault Rifle around Town in Protest

Jim Sanders, 45 of Mulberry, Indiana says that he is a “sovereign man,” who is not subject to the laws of Indiana and or his local governments, That’s why — after amassing over $900 dollars in fines for traffic violations and refusing to pay – his driver’s license got suspended.  With no license, he says that his “only legal mode of travel is walking,” apparently making an exception for the law that requires a driver’s license.

Since his only mode of transportation is by foot, he has taken to carrying an assault style rifle strapped to his chest wherever he goes, claiming that he needs it to protect the valuables he carries in his back pack: Copies of the U.S. Constitution, his Bible, and his water bottle.

Sanders says that he is only bound by the U.S. Constitution, not any statutes or codes, and claims that driving a car is not a privilege, it is a right he says and therefore not subject to any laws.

He goes on to explain that the U.S. became a corporation when Congress created the District of Columbia; claims that driver’s licenses and birth certificates are invalidated by the use of all-uppercase letters; and that the all-uppercase letters somehow indicate that the person named is deceased.

Last October he “ordained” himself as a minister when he and his wife started a church which has no set home and meets in various places including the West Lafayette public library.

“I’m not willing to pay for something I didn’t do anymore,” Sanders told WLFI TV, speaking of the unpaid fines which cost him his license. “I’ve put out enough, given them enough. I’m not going to do it anymore.”

“I recognize the republic of Indiana,” he responded when asked if he recognizes the state.  “I recognize the republic for the United States of America.”

He says that he is just waiting for the judge and police to come to him and return his license once they come to their senses and realize that they are the ones who are wrong.

Watch the report on this “sovereign man” from WLFI.

h/t:  Raw Story

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I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.


  1. He’s got a loooooooong wait then.

    • Well,he says hes not subject to the laws of the state. So,throw him in a jail cell,and when he cry’s about it,explain to him that its actually a state matter,not a federal matter,because the constitution does not explicitly give that power to the federal government,and that they’d just LOVE to help him out and give him his day in court and let him appear before a judge as state law requires. Unfortunately,hes not subject to state law.

  2. He’s going to be waiting for a long time. He needs an assault rifle to protect whats in his packpack? This guy is a yo-yo.

  3. Truly mentally ill.

  4. I’m getting more ashamed of being in Indiana everyday.

  5. And when he goes on a shooting rampage, people will scratch their heads and say “What happened?”

  6. I didn’t know until the incident at target in kokomo that Indiana has passed open carry. Now I know the gop is catering to big business. And all Hoosiers are the losers. People can carry anywhere and we can do nothing. Church, school parking lots, kids baseball games, restaurants, stores. Idiots! Did they sneek this law through in the middle of night? That’s what they did w the state workers right to negotiate pay. Snuck through before anyone knew.

    • Cynthia…there is plenty you can do. You walk into a church and there’s someone OC….walk out. You pull into your kids school parking lot…drive away, call the cops, call the principle, call the school board. Restaurants….stores…………..make your voice heard with your wallet.

      • Principal. I guess you missed too much time in school running away from people who lawfully carry firearms.

        • Guido…nice call. Missed it entirely. PS…I see someone carrying a long gun in public I’m not running away…I’m leaving of my own volution and taking my CC with me. It’s called avoiding a situation.

      • So you would call the police on someone who is carrying a gun legally?

        The rest of your post I agree with but that part not so much.

        • How is one to know that he is carrying legally? Just because it may be legal to openly carry doesn’t mean any particular individual is legally carrying, he may have a legal restriction against owning or carrying a weapon. What if he is drunk? Maybe he is on his way to visit an ex with whom he is angry. Carrying in public is almost never going to be justifiable, it is merely an attempt to bully and terrify.

          • So call the police over a possibility… I can understand it for safety sake and in some cases that caution would be warranted however I’d guess that 90% of the time it is a waste of time. Going with the 90% of the time figure the person carrying is completely legit – no ex to visit, no intoxication, it could be a plainclothes police officer or government agent such as FBI, US Marshal, or some other agency and no criminal record. So it is a waste of time not only for the policeman but for the person who is simply exercising his right to carry his weapon. And quite frankly if someone feels “bullied and terrified” over someone open carrying then they need to get over it as it is legal to open carry.

          • I am 65 years old and have owned guns since I was 12 and I am uncomfortable with the idea of seeing some yahoo with an assault style rifle slung across his chest in the ready position, so no, I will not “get over it.” As I said, there is seldom a justification for strutting around town displaying a substitute penis, only a person who probably should be barred from ever owning any weapon feels the need to do so. If a person is that unstable then he/she has no business being armed.

          • Athynz….I’m neither bullied nor terrified however I’m more than willing to call the police over a “possibility. 1 out of 10 odds suck.

          • Bob Cull – I agree with you. I am 60 and my father gave me my first firearm when I was 11 years old. I have never had to need to carry a firearm around with me wherever I go like some of these yahoos. There is simply no reason to do so.

      • Given everything in the news, I think if this guy or any other person open carrying an assault rifle even meanders in the direction of a school the police treat him like a threat.

  7. This guy is 45? I’m only 2 years away from becoming a ignorant, paranoid goober!

  8. This guy is clearly mentally ill, why has no one taken his gun(s)? The second amendment needs to be amended, It can’t guarantee guns to those that aren’t mentally fit

  9. That guy is not mentally sound…

  10. Don’t feel bad. It’s as bad here in North Carolina.

  11. White privilege for sure.

  12. Something tells me this guy’s source of income is the Republic of Indiana and/or the United States of America

  13. i saw this guy walking today. it’s sad, really sad, that he is representing gun owners.

  14. For a “sovereign man,” this guy is a complete pussy. Claims he’s not subjected to the State Laws of Indiana nor to those of his locality. Well if you believe that to bet true MR. SOVEREIGN, STICK OUT MY CHEST CAUSE I GOT A GUN MAN then get in you car and drive! WTF do you need a license for? They’re issued by the STATE you claim has no laws that effect you. Prove it to them and stop complaining! Until then you’re nothing more than a pussy with a rifle.

  15. lock him in the sovereign section of the prison and let him rot

  16. Why do the right wing kooks always throw around the word “Republic” as if it sanctifies their gibberish?

    • It could be because this country was founded as a republic. Nah, that would make too much sense. It’s gotta be something else.

      • For these guys, ‘Republic’ seems to mean ‘I get to do what I want, and you can’t stop me!’ Then, when someone plays their game, they whine about being oppressed.

        Or do you want to live in a collection of city-states with a hodge-podge of laws (or ‘laws’), with a national government that can’t get anything done (including disaster relief or war) because nobody has to provide anything for the nation at large? We tried that. It didn’t work.

  17. World’s greatest sinner is right. He doesn’t care about laws, take the risk and drive without a license. Well, here’s what prevents him from a doing it…a middle aged guy without a muscle on his body will be a target in prison. That’s his motivation….

  18. Well, he certainly isn’t using his education. He should refund its cost to his neighbours, whose taxes paid for it.

  19. Who the HELL is gonna rob you for copies of the Constitution and a F’N BIBLE? Value of that all in all is prolly no more than $10. Less, if he bought his Bible at Dollar Tree.

    • Ironically, that gun says “This thing’s worth a mint on the black market. Please, bust my idiot head up with a brick and sell my gun to the local meth gang.” Strapped to his spare tire like that there’s no way he’s going to draw and aim on anyone who doesn’t give him a six second warning before they attack.

  20. Well…you know…if Bundy doesn’t need to pay his fines…

  21. And of course he doesn’t use or care about those fake Federal Reserve Notes in ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. A guy like him would only use his own currency, not something from a non-existent federal government, right? Otherwise, he would be a hypocrite and not know squat.

  22. Anyone claiming to be a “sovereign citizen” is merely rationalizing whatever scam they’re running.

  23. Chuck Hultquist

    Driving less is always good, maybe he’ll lose some weight in the process.

  24. I remember a video where the cops beat a black man to death for not complying with the law, on their way to bringing him to prison. If this man was black or latino, he’d be dead or in jail.

  25. Ha – he meets at a *public library*! Ya know, that is funded through taxes… These people are such cherry pickers when it comes to sovereignty.

  26. A 1978 Mercedes for $11,000.00? Wow…

  27. Bet he is on government assistance. Who in their right mind would go to their church???

  28. Every village has at least one idiot, so Jim Sanders, 45 of Mulberry, Indiana says that he is volunteering.

  29. Today’s “sovereign citizen” was yesterday’s impertinent, petulant child.

  30. These guys have no idea what they believe in, since they’re making it up as they go along. They contradict themselves from sentence to sentence. Just strap a big-a** gun to their backs, and they think they’re king of the world. A recliner, a couple of six-packs of beer and a remote is more like it.

  31. Any fool who thinks he can simply declare himself not subject to the laws of the land will have a very rude awakening trying to present that defense in court. I wonder how that would work out for anyone else?

    “How do you plead to the charges of human trafficking and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute?”
    “I am a sovereign citizen and the law does not apply to me.”
    “Oh okay. Well, I guess you can go home then. Sorry to bother you.”

    • They usually go into court pro se and make fools of themselves simply repeating over and over again that they don’t recognize the authority of the court and that it therefore has no jurisdiction over them.

  32. Another ignorant, paranoid jerk! Disturbing to know – in addition to the fact that they’re allowed to carry weapons in public – that people like this are allowed to vote. (I sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t require a license to vote as well as requiring one to drive. One requirement – finish high school so we know you have a minimum education and aren’t dumb as a turnip. Or at least have an IQ higher than room temperature.)

    • Personally I’m all for having some form of photo identification for voting but the politicians keep rejecting such a law. But with your premise what about those who have a GED – they didn’t finish high school after all.

  33. ‘Murica!!! What an effin asshat. These guys make real Americans look bad.

  34. He’s absolutely right. You guys are the morons.

    • I hope you’re being facetious, Sleazer, because if you aren’t you and he should be in the same ward getting the same medications.

  35. I’ll grant that this guy is a tool that is off of his rocker and quite frankly he should have to undergo a mental evaluation to ensure he’s not going to snap and use that gun. However not all pro-second amendment people are like that guy – to say or think otherwise is a sign of sloppy thinking at best. There is a big difference IMHO between one exercising their right to open carry by carrying a handgun in a holster and this dude.

    • Then the thing to do is call out all the idiots who try to make heroes of these fools.

      I know several sane gun owners. They don’t strap arsenals to their bodies just to get the mail, and look down on those who feel the need to do it.

    • How can you tell the “good Second ammenters to the crazy ones ” I see a assault rifle in public Im calling 911 so fast or if I think I can or need to do more to save lives or avoid a massacre Im doing it.If it’s a legal gun carrying person then he will have no problem telling that to the police

  36. I’m shocked no one has brought this up yet.. Anyone who can spend all day every day starting crazy churches and protesting traffic fines IS COLLECTING GOVERNMENT MONEY. Disability, welfare, SNAP, whatever. I guarantee. And not that I take issue with that, I actually wish there was some type of program to give mental health care to people like him since he so obviously needs it. But my point is this:

    Its funny how all these teabagger nut jobs don’t want to pay taxes, but want all the benefits of a taxpaying citizen for themselves. All the social programs are necessary when they use them. If they’re in a position to need assistance, the government made it happen. They’re not abusing the system. Everyone else (with dark skin) is. HYPOCRITES AND CRAZIES AND RACISTS, ALL OF THEM.

    This guy is going to be the next one to “start a revolution.”

  37. This is one of several sorts of nuts who should not be allowed to own guns.

  38. He should demand trial by combat with the police force.

  39. This guy gets the monthly “What a maroon!” award, no question.

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