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Epic FAIL: Fox ‘News’ Ratings Plummet 27% in May!

Fox News ratings dropped 27% in May, and there were double-digit falls across many of their top shows. The ratings drop is year over year, with a 27% drop in total viewership, but a 25% drop among younger viewers. With the younger viewers, these are Fox’s lowest ratings since 2001.

This could be due, in part, to their ongoing push to make Benghazi the huge scandal it isn’t, and people are simply getting tired of it. Even The Huffington Post expressed an unusual amount of exasperation with the Benghazi nonsense earlier this month with a very expressive headline. While HuffPo is no less given to sensationalistic headlines than anybody else in new media, this one, “GOP Benghazingly Benghazis Benghazist Benghazi,” really said it all. And the article wasn’t even about Benghazi. It was a political news roundup that only touched on Benghazi.

The GOP has been hoping that Benghazi would help to rally their base, and show how awful the Democrats really are. According to a piece on ABC News, Republicans were originally going to focus heavily on the Affordable Care Act, and on jobs. However, Democrats began gaining steam on those issues themselves, leaving Republicans to scramble. So they’ve begun digging out old scandals, hoping to scare people into voting for them.

With that strategy, they’re hoping to resonate strongly with their conservative base without alienating their moderates. According to Politico, however, Benghazi doesn’t do anything to attract moderates and independents. These are voters the Republicans sorely need in order to remain relevant in coming elections.

With Fox News being the mouthpiece of the Republicans, it’s no wonder that they doubled down on Benghazi too. Now, it looks as if that’s costing them their viewership. It’s not likely that they’ll wise up. Instead, they might try to make even bigger scandals out of things, and turn into the Jerry Springer of “news” networks. Perhaps, though, they should first see what happens if they stop talking about Benghazi for a while.

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  1. These viewers that left may just be suffering from temporary sanity.

  2. I think they surpassed the Jerry Springer show about two years ago.

    • These are numbers for one day, May 27, 2014. One day of top ratings does not make Fox the number 1 channel. The point of this story is that overall Fox is not doing well.

  3. Fox viewers were finally made aware of the 18 embassy attacks, resulting in over 100 deaths, under Bush!

  4. Those numbers don’t make FOX ‘News’ the #1 network.’ They reflect the number of viewers who watched that ONE day. People who aren’t ‘conservatives’ watch, too, so they can relate the idiocy to friends or post to social media more of the lunacy on FOX. Almost every bit of information I recieve about FOX is through a ‘liberal’ source on social media. Nice try, though.

  5. Ummm, you are encouraging people to STOP looking into their government critically and “see what happens.” You know what happens when the people stop asking questions, then we lose complete control of our government. You should seriously stop being so puerile and more partisan than those you condemn, and try some intellectual honesty for a change.

    In a soldier’s stance, I aimed my hand
    At the mongrel dogs who teach
    Fearing not that I’d become my enemy
    In the instant that I preach…
    —Bob Dylan, My Back Pages

    • Sure you should ask questions, asking the same 2 or 3 over and over again and expecting different results is about the definition of insanity though. There are real issues Republicans could address that would even pull some liberals into the conversation, drone strikes for instance, but they refuse to address real problems and try to make up new ones left and right. At this point they are actually helping causes they proclaim to be against simply by constantly bringing light to them and forcing people to investigate these things on their own. All this point blank repetitive insanity doesn’t bring new people to your cause. If you can’t understand how that works there really isn’t much explaining it to you. You’ve been beating dead horses for so long it’s just become another ordinary every day thing to do.

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