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A Synopsis of Atlas Shrugged–in Under 10 Minutes! (VIDEO)

If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged yet, just watch this instead.  Someday you’ll thank me.  Sure, the narrator’s voice is monotone and there’s some cheesy music playing in the background, but if you’ve actually slogged your way through the book, you know it’s quite appropriate.

From the video’s creator:

“Why spend ten months reading Atlas Shrugged and another ten months reading the top biographies about its author, Ayn Rand. Here is everything you need to know, in under ten minutes!”


About ARcSS

Atlas Left and our accompanying Facebook page, Ayn Rand Collected Social Security, aim to expose Ayn Rand for the hypocrite and fraud she was. Rand was a dangerous sociopath and author whose simplistic ideas are routinely confused with serious philosophy. Who is John Galt? A delusional psychopath, just like his creator.


  1. Parker Gabriel

    There was one word that the references to statements from her biographers left out.


    History would look at Rand and spit, “This woman was an evil monster.” Indeed, it WAS looking at her AND spitting exactly that statement.

  2. The thing that pissed me off about Rand was her reticence about the real reason for her breakup with Nathaniel Branden. She went around saying that it was because of some deep philosophical issue, and meantime, young Objectivists are coming to the HQ in tears, begging to know what was going on, when what it was, was that she and Branden were carrying on (and the way they presented their affair to their respective spouses is another preposterous story) and he met a girl who LOOKED like all of the heroines in all of her books, and since they all looked like Gwyneth Paltrow and she did NOT, she lost her shit all over the place. It was a case of boy meets girl, boy dumps girl, which has been going on since we were apes, but she had to dress it up in a bunch of philosophical phonyism, when ANY NORMAL WOMAN

    • …..would have gone out with a Louisville slugger and a crowbar and messed up his truck…oh, wait, they were in NYC, so he probably wouldn’t have had a truck, but you get the idea.

      (My computer farted and posted this post before I was finished with it. WHY or WHY isn’t there an edit function?)

      • Excellent observations, Paula. Rand was certainly not the rationalist when Branden found a new girl. Did you ever see the book How to Raise your Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden? It borrows heavily from Ayn Rand, even word-for-word!

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